Planning halfmiles Small solid guitar

This page is described about the overview, wiring and so on of the halfmiles Small solid guitar (on Nov. 2009).


  1. The solid guitar which is small and considers good balance of head and body.
  2. Body thickness is about 47mm and 25.5 inch scale neck.
  3. Under the name of the halmiles, the guitar use the body wood from Hokkaido (Itaya Kaede), local manufacted PU fence plate and finishing too.
  4. On account of the budget, a bridge plate uses economy Tele® style parts. Top-load string style, the same as before :-) I want to change it to halfmiles gutiar's bridge which made by local in fact.
  5. Took thought, and after all, the bridge plate was changed into the thing being used with halfmiles guitar. (but it is expensive than economy bridge...)
  6. The position of strap buttons were examined for the body and head both balance. Strap lock style button is applied for the one of two starp button.
  7. PU was finally adopt Squire® Tele® Bridge. Tele Front PU's sound volume is just a little small to use it in the bridge though it is quiet, beautiful, plump and wonderful. It tried to insert resistance though the sound of AA was made quiet.


  1. 小さくてなるべくバランスの良いソリッドギター。
  2. ボディ厚は約47mmで25.5インチスケールのネック。
  3. halfmilesの名のとおり、ボディは道産イタヤカエデ、PUフェンスは地元製作、塗装も地元業者。
  4. ブリッジは予算の都合でエコノミーパーツ( Tele® スタイル )を使用。相変わらずのトップローディング。ほんとうは halfmiles で使ったものに替えたい。
  5. しかし、よく考えて、結局、halfmiles で使ったものに替えました。
  6. ボディバランスのためにストラップ位置を検討。2個のストラップボタンの内、1個はロック式ストラップを採用。
  7. PUをSquire® Tele Bridge にした。Front PU の音は大人しくてふくよかで素敵なんですが、リアで使うには少しばかり音量が弱いです。Tele Bridge の音を大人しくさせるのに抵抗を挿入してみた。


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