Zero Action Guitar



The feature of this guitar is the short distance between the body surface and the string. Nearly 0 (Zero) action.
Why did I try to this?
Because I thought low-action of string would give me a fast playing easy. This made me imagine being able to be YM and PG. Of course, that depended on personal skill...
But it makes play easy. Pick the string became slightly easy.

Both body wings were small by wood which could be prepared at this time (left wood from passed work), but it may be big about Stratocaster.
For example I have such idea. Make wide body wing and built the room for the amplifier and speakers, or iPhone such as audio devices.

This study would continue.....


それは、弦が低いと手が浮かなくて速弾きしやすいのではないかと考えたからだ。これで YM とか PG になれると思った。もちろんそれは個人の技量によるもの...

用意できた残材料の都合で、ボディ両側のウィングは小さいですけど、Stratocaster くらい大きくなっても良い。
考え付いたのは、右のウィングを広くして、アンプやスピーカーを内蔵したり iPhone なんかを入れるスペースが出来たら良いかもということです。