Halfmiles guitar note 49 (The Guitar "Pear")

Mar 2016 ~ June 2016


Making The Guitar "Pear".


Cut the body from Mahogany wood using Table Band Saw.

Open holes for the band saw start/rest point.


Halfmiles guitar note 48 (h-Bass FS(Free-Style) Version 2)

Feb 2016 ~ Mar 2016


Making H-Bass F(ree)S(tyle) Version 2.


Mahogany Body.


Halfmiles guitar note 47 (h-Bass FS(Free-Style))

Feb 2015 ~ June 2015


Making H-Bass F(ree)S(tyle).

Start investigation.


Halfmiles guitar note 46 (Short Scale Thinline Guitar)

~  April 2014


Ready made body from HOSCO thinline guitar-kit. Plywood body, Budget price.


Halfmiles guitar note 45 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

~ Mid June 2013

Pickguard changed to Tortoise.


Halfmiles guitar note 44 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

~ June 2013

Making Supporting Wood.



Halfmiles guitar note 43 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

 ~ Jan 2013

Apply copper tape under the PU for sheilding.


Halfmiles guitar note 42 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

~ Nov 2012


Change neck joint method. Attach braket wood and neck end  then bolt-on to body.



Halfmiles guitar note 41 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

~ Oct 2012


Change to Fender size scale(34 inches).



Making Mac and iPad goods

Work on Sep. 2012


Flat bar is fixed on the back of monitor display to put the Mac Mini.



Making Chopping board bass

~ Jan 2012


Chopping board from DIY center.


Halfmiles guitar note 40 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Nov.6 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Add strap hook (MIZUMOTO Hook TFB-3).

Making a case. Using DIY woods.

Fake leather sheet.

Foot gum.

Hinges (separable).

Reinforcement stay.

Buffer sponge.


Halfmiles guitar note 39 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Oct.3 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Making a new neck joint plate (call "Type-2").

Remake a original neck plate (call "Type-1"). Screw holes were resized.

Adjusting a form of bottom-front board.

Testing new thumbscrew for a back board.

Add handle.

Change End-pin cap material.

Testing a guitar strap. But, it can't stand an instrument in this method.


Recent music during the work.

Bass solo performance using Gibson Bass by Sato Kenji.

Official Bootleg of HAYAKAWA.



I think that Apple complains about the matter that product and package design was imitated it is not a technological patent. The Pak Lee (Pa-Ku-Ri, imitate, steal, aping, copying, plagiarism, rob) is nothing new.

How many things were imitated without RIGHTS by a company, the government and a country?


Apple design



Muay Thai, Thai boxing.



Japanese Snack, Candy, Chocolate.





Famous comic story.



Jeans design.





Halfmiles guitar note 38 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Sep.23 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Stain the body as color burned by afternoon sun or looks like antique (or poor paiting...)

Finishing neck, PU fence and string bumper.

Making String end woods.

Set Jazz Bass® style Height adjuster sponge with shield plate.

Finished parts.


Investigate the ex-premier of t he Democratic Party

Mr. NODA, incoming prime minister and Prosecution should investigate the ex-premier on charges of violating the election law. It is because his vote of the past election may contains the foreigner supporter's vote as Korean Residents in Japan. It is strange, the Democratic Party says on TV program that the nationality of that supporter isn't grasped. If so, it is obvious that this is violation of the constitution. Furthermore, he use government subsidies for the donation to the party who has relation with North Korea.


Then incoming prime minister NODA must stop ex-premier's last command that the restart of free school education bill for High School of Korean Residents. Why we have to help and pay money for country who abduct Japanese? To make matters worse, they are friend of country who invade Japanese territory Takeshima.

NODA san is Japanese, I believe.

Halfmiles guitar note 37 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Aug.30 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Fitting END-PIN.

Using Long-Bolt and M12 nut with plate.

Fit M12 nut.

Polishing Long-Bolt.

Reinforce top and bottom wood.

Modify body form again.

Attach handle-end on END-PIN.


Passport please, NAOTO

Many Japanese were abducted by North Korea. Government kept taking action till now for that solution. However, the Democratic Party "MINSYU-TOU" which is present government doesn't has intention of that.

The Prime Minister NAOTO was doing the contribution of about 60000000YEN to the party which the abduct criminal persons concerned sponsor.

That's why the Prime Minister NAOTO acknowledges abduct solution.


NAOTO is supposed to want to increase the percentage of those supporting his own and the present cabinet. If so, why doesn't he try to solve Takeshima occupation case and North Korea abduct case?

Is he a Korean? Does he really have Japanese nationality?

He should show the posture which protects Japan rather than he tells manifesto which can't be realized eloquently.


Halfmiles guitar note 36 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Aug.17 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Making a BOX utilize as Finger Lamp, Extended Finger Board and store an electrical circuit.

Reinforce the bars on back using the screws.

Attach metal plate to prevents a neck bending at the neck end.

Mark fret position using thin wood bar. Mark in Top for 1040mm scale and bottom for 914mm scale length.

Carry bag fitting test.

Extend lower hole to string easy. Sound hole and string through hole were combined.

Curving body edge.

Flat the PU fence wood surface.

Anchor holes were repaired.

Reform Peg-head. Make long between nut and tuner-key for fitting double-bass string.

Re-adjust string end position.

About 100mm length of the string remain.

Reconsider the neck end block wood, shoulder shape.

Cut-away shoulder.


Halfmiles guitar note 35 (h-Bass / Upright style Rev.2)

Until Jun.19 2011


Building Bass guitar upright style Revision 2.


Control Knob.

PU fitting. PU grill was made by Karin wood.


- String set for Long Scale

- String set for Super Long Scale

- String set for Double Bass Size

- L to R: Long (34inch as Fender® scale), Super Long (36inch, 914mm), Double Bass String (41inch, 1040mm)

Install Double Bass String.

Change the Double Bass String length (scale length) by moving PU/Bridge Box.

Reinforce the Leg Bolt Hole using metal sleeve.

Sanding and Shaping the body.

Shaping T-Bar neck again.

Head back projection to protect Tuner-key knob.